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J. Crew Jewelry and Shoe Wish List


Today I have a J. Crew jewelry and shoe wish list for you guys. Sorry for two days in a row of wish lists, but things got a little crazy for me last week. I have been dealing with a sick puppy for over a month and we had two vet visits last week. Thursday evening, I was lucky enough to come down with the stomach flu that took me out of commission for most of the weekend.

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Extreme Wish List

Extreme Wish List_edited-1

This is my EXTREME wish list. This is my if money were no object wish list!! I have always had this list of holy grail items in my head, but thought that it would be fun to put it all out there. When I think of purchasing high end items, I tend to be drawn to more classic and timeless pieces. I want classic pieces that I will be able to use for years to come, if I am going to shell out big money for them.

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