Happy and Cheery Bracelets

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Bracelets: Kluster Jewelry (gifted) | Vest: Similar | Sweater: Similar | Jeans: Old Navy | Boots: Similar | Scarf: Similar

On this fine day, I was trying to pretend that spring is right around the corner!  I chose these lovely Kluster Jewelry bracelets to set the mood.  I love how happy and cheery these bracelets are.  The bracelets also incorporate two of may favorite things, pink and leopard!  Truthfully, I built my entire outfit around them because I couldn’t wait to wear them.  I am wearing three different bracelets from their jewelry line.  I am wearing the Petite Spotted Leopard, Pink & Red Valentine (the red was hiding), and the Tickled Pink bracelets.   I loved the way bracelets brought out the pink in my scarf and popped against the vest.  Until spring actually does come, these can at least put me in a cheery mood!

10 thoughts on “Happy and Cheery Bracelets

    1. Laura,

      Thank you so very much. They are beautiful and so versatile. I am going to get a lot of wear out of these beauties!!


  1. Cute outfit! Great to see some more ideas with the vest. I never thought of wearing it with a scarf like that. Nice to see the spring colors and hope for warmer days.

    1. Thanks Shannon! I actually have a bunch of ideas for the vest, but the weather is not being cooperative! The idea of changing 5 or 6 times and having to come back outside is not on my top ten list right now. I am going to do a post for spring as to all the different ways you can wear it.


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