Lovely Detailed Top

Anthro_Pleat_Top_Almost_Full_edited-1 Anthro_Pleat_Top_Side_Pleat_edited-1 Anthro_Pleat_Top_Face_edited-1 Anthro_Pleat_Top_Rear_Detail_edited-1 Anthro_Pleat_Top_Full_edited-1 Anthro_Pleat_Top_Torso_edited-1 Anthro_Peat_Top_No_Head_edited-1


Top: Anthropologie | Jeans: Old Navy | Necklace: Similar | Purse: Similar | Boots: Similar

I picked up this lovely detailed top at Anthropologie last week.  I love the delicate pleats on the sides and ruffle at the hem.  There is also a nice texture to the top along with the stripes.  All of the details on the top gave it such a nice feminine feel that I really liked.

I noticed when I was linking it online that it looked shorter on the model.  For reference, I am 5’7 and am wearing an extra small.  I think that it lists the length at 23 inches, but I have a long torso and I had plenty of length, so I think it is longer than that.  I just wanted to give a heads up in case any of you order it online.  Also, anyone ever needs a size or if it would be helpful for me to start listing what size I am wearing, shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I will let you know.  I hope everyone has a lovely week!

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    1. Thanks, I love this top too! I thought it was really cute. Boot season is usually my favorite. This year, however, I am totally over it!!


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